We are Steiner Studios.  We are two people who met on Instagram via our Art accounts.  Radie living in Indianapolis, pursuing her passion in photography and Evan living in New Jersey working with Abstract Art.  We knew nothing about each other until a message was sent.  And the rest is history.  We are partners in our Art, life and are enjoying every moment of the journey.

We focus on nature inspired and uplifting artwork.


Artist Statements/Biographies

Evan Lloyd Steiner, Abstract Artist

Born in New Jersey and attended Midland Park High School.  There he began with simple doodles and was encouraged to write by several impactful teachers.  This led to mixed media projects involving poetry and pencil drawings.  During his undergraduate studies in creative writing at Binghamton University he honed his skills in both poetry and memoirs.  Painting was never his medium of choice until 2015 when his father passed away.  Citing both a need to express himself and a desire to pursue therapeutic processes he began painting abstract works.  With a focus on nature and music he has continued to paint prolifically for the past six years.  He uses acrylics, epoxy and mixed media.  In 2017 he relocated to Indianapolis where he now shares both his love of writing and art with the people who have so warmly welcomed him.

“There is light everywhere”

Radie L. Steiner, Photographer

Grew up in Columbus, Indiana and started Photography at the age of 10 in 4-H.  She specializes in Landscape and Lifestyle Photography.  Radie is known for Color Splash technique- turning the photo to black and white and then highlighting a specific area and restoring its original color.  Radie uses intuition to guide her into the subject matter of the day and often has the reoccurring strong thought- that would make a great picture.   Her favorite photographer is Ansel Adams.

“Art makes people happy”



Radie Lee Steiner


Evan Lloyd Steiner

Abstract Artist